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In our company we make upholstery for oldtimers, youngtimers and modern cars. Regardless of the condition of the interior of the car, there are several ways to make it.

The first way is to recreate the original appearance using materials as consistent as possible with the original.

The second way is to follow the original, but use exclusive materials (natural leather, Alcantara).

Manufacturers in the interiors often used plastic, which currently does not fit into the aesthetics of cars that are already or are becoming classics. In addition, you can improve or improve something, such as changing the appearance and profile of the seats. The same original equipment gains better ergonomics, improving driving comfort and at the same time a more attractive appearance.

Another way (and probably the most interesting for us) is to create an interior according to an individual design. It does not matter whether the car is a few or several dozen years old, whether it is a model desired by millions or just by a group of enthusiasts – each car can become the Car of Dreams of its owner.

Ordering a unique or simply dream upholstery, which the driver encounters while driving, gives the feeling of having a one-of-a-kind copy.

Regardless of which renovation route will be chosen, we make every effort to ensure that the final effect is fully satisfactory and the customer, looking at his car, has a smile on his face.

TAPMACHINA is not only a business, but above all a passion and passion for the automotive industry.

Our offer


  • cars,
  • yachts,
  • motorcycles,
  • oldtimers,
  • youngtimers,
  • custom bike; – -Construction of motorcycle sofas from scratch,
  • Reworking and matching the shapes of motorcycle sofas;

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Car upholstery – individual projects and current repairs
Car headliners – regeneration
Motorcycle upholstery – regeneration, construction, reworking of motorcycle sofas, haberdashery
Yacht upholstery
Vintage vehicles

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